On FICELCO’s roots and humble beginnings

A significant milestone was celebrated by the First Catanduanes Electric Co-operative, Inc. (Ficelco) for its 50th Foundation Day anniversary on October 27, 2021. To the board of directors, the general…


Where is equity?

When I was studying in Grave V and VI, our teacher clearly explained to us the meaning of democracy. And she said that in a democracy. And she said that…


Magandang araw…. Kami po na mga Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) ng Virac Disrtrict Jail ay buong pagpapakumbabang lumapit at nananawagan sainyo at sa inyong buong pamunuan ng BJMP na…

Surviving Typhoons in Catanduanes

When I was young, we survived very strong Typhoons like in 1961 in Pandan, Catanduanes., na ikan kaibahan na ‘storm surge’ of about 4meters high! After the bagyo, its fiesta–daming…


Because of technology, man was able to conquer the universe. Look, he launched spaceships and set foot on the moon, discovered the beauty of the other planets. Their testing and launching must have caused the destruction of the ozone layer which protects the earth from too much heat of the sun and the torrential rains. Now that the ozone layer is destroyed, we experience too much heat from the sun and heavy rains. Some spaceships, however, fell back to earth. These, their residue in the building of the spaceships, their debris and the debris from outer space have piled up and rotten so microbes have developed. These were spread by man, the winds and other elements.

On Cabugao’s returnee controversy

We would have appreciated the courtesy of anyone asking our side before conclusions were made, especially by top provincial honchos like the PNP PD, the PHO head, the DILG PD, even the governor. But, we do not necessarily take it against them. Human nature – or is it only the Pinoy? – is such that we most often fall into the trap of making hasty conclusions and judgments. This is lamentable, but understandable, although in this particular case it may not be brushed aside as an innocuous alibi particularly when those that commit them are the supposedly wise and able leaders upon whom we expect a certain level of acuity.

Criticize, if you must.

Much has been said about the constant criticisms being thrown at the government with the way it responded and responding to the current crisis. However, instead of addressing the complaints, or at least confirming their veracity, more attention has been directed to the people airing the complaints, and not to the issues they raised.

On President Duterte

I used to be a big fan of him in the past for his grit and bold moves that past presidents haven’t done. But his unfiltered mouth, bias, and uncalled for remarks on others who are not on the same page with him are big turn-offs and are way beyond character.

Letter to the Editor, 2019-01-22

Please help me connect with proper authorities that can improve the image of Catanduanes as a tourist-rich happy island.


Effective leadership is not always contingent on academic excellence. One doesn’t need to be a lawyer, a cum laude or rich to be a good leader. To me, a lot of common sense and good intentions are fundamentally what it takes for someone to ideally lead.