Ang malaking balita ngayon ay ang tungkol sa nalalapit na pag-renew ng prangkisa ng ABS-CBN TV network na kung saan ang prangkisa nito ay magtatapos hanggang Marso ng kasalukuyang taon. Alam natin kung hanggang saan ang galit ni Duterte sa nasabing TV network. Abot hanggang impiyerno ang sa palagay ko.

World War II in Catanduanes (Third of Four Parts)

The people of Catanduanes suffered not only from Japanese occupation, but also from the guerillas supposed to protect them. Such is the evil of war. But the guerillas would famously redeem themselves from such ignominious deeds, which to be sure were committed by a small minority. The next article of this series will tackle the glorious undertaking by local patriots, the Liberation of Catanduanes.  


kidayad kung

imbes magpara tabil

na daing kadamhan

The Blind Man

Once upon a time, there was a small town. There lived a man by himself who couldn’t see. He was blind. Yet, he carried a lighted lamp with him whenever…

Mga daeng pagmangnong mga contratista

Cotana lamang daa, sabi kan mga ciudadano, pasunodon an saendang mga contratista sa tamang procidimiento sa saendang mga proyecto.

Some key changes in the New Year

According to reliable sources, the new OIC has hit the ground running, to borrow the phrase that characterized the first year of then-President Fidel Ramos. He has reportedly resolved satisfactorily the issue regarding the proposed widening of the national highway section that passes through the Luyang Cave Park. More on this next week…

The Cha-Cha train rolls again

But, the important question is whether the present Congress, whose great hall is occupied by political turncoats and members of political dynasties, approve those very same amendments that would lead to their members’ political demise?


Now that it’s the month of January, we are reminded and obliged to visit our Municipal Treasurer’s Office to settle our obligations to renew our Business Permit or Mayor’s permit…

Letter to the Editor, 2019-01-22

Please help me connect with proper authorities that can improve the image of Catanduanes as a tourist-rich happy island.


Effective leadership is not always contingent on academic excellence. One doesn’t need to be a lawyer, a cum laude or rich to be a good leader. To me, a lot of common sense and good intentions are fundamentally what it takes for someone to ideally lead.