I don’t think to change the system is the “magic bullet“ to better the government, more so will antidote corruption. A shift to federalism or whatever government makeover is like changing just the band-aid to cure a deep wound.  My point:  “The driver and not the vehicle is the problem “in the country (Phil.). In the same way, the types of government i.e., democracy, communism et al are made for good reasons – it is the abuse of the implementation that rots the system.

Effective leadership is not always contingent on academic excellence. One doesn’t need to be a lawyer, a cum laude or rich to be a good leader. To me, a lot of common sense and good intentions are fundamentally what it takes for someone to ideally lead.

Dare to mention some telltale signs: A candidate whose claim of moral high ground is groundless, a candidate who is not rich but act like rich, and a candidate who promises heaven and even hell are indications of a politician with questionable intention. This rhetoric is the usual political playbook for political posturing of cunning politicians – sadly, most wins.

Demagoguery is a given in politics.

“In public service, qualification matters, but serving with integrity is another.“


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