Palpak ang liderato ni DOH secretary Duque. Iyon lang ang ibig sabihin ng 14 mga palpak din na mga senador. Sa pangunguna ito ni Sotto, Lacson, Gordon, et, al. Palpak ang pinalalayas ng kapuwa nilang mga palpak. Itong mga senador na ito dapat sinabi nila kay Duque na sabay-sabay tayong lalayas dahil pare-pareho naman tayong mga palpak.

On Virtual Mass

Since the lockdown was enforced most churches were closed as part of the measures to avoid the spread of the dreaded corona virus or COVID-19. Priests would say mass in private and most of them would have their masses aired through television networks or via live streaming. Personally, I am not against this practice especially during this demonic period in our history. I do believe that this pandemic was not accidentally caused but rather this was hatched by Satanic leaders who are taking pleasure in destroying God’s creation instead of nurturing it and letting it grow.


pagomaw sa Saimong kabanalan
Dios ning Langit asin daga

Gamiton na an mga hotel para sa quarantine

Dapat palan daa sa Lucky Hotel o sa ARDCI Corporate Inn pinadagos an mga treinta y cuatrong na-stranded duman sa Tabaco asin pinabalik sa isla kan sarong semana para sa pitong aldaw na quarantine.

No one charged for ECQ violations

A week after the spate of violations of the “no travel” policy and the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ), the Philippine National Police (PNP) in Catanduanes has yet to file a single criminal complaint against the alleged violators despite their reported serious intent to do so.

Time to adjust tactics, with the virus now in our midst

As bad news travels fast on social media, the Provincial COVID-19 Task Force surely hopes that the reality of the coronavirus in our midst would make Catandunganons think twice about going out and mixing with other members of the public.


But as there are no economic activities, what is to tax? It can of course borrow from the public through a bond flotation for example, or from Bangko Sentral and/or IFIs. It can also simply resort to expansionary monetary policy, i.e. print more money at risk of inflationary effects of such a move. Whatever government does, it has to somehow try to keep the economic engine running lest it grounds to a full halt.

PSA Catanduanes conducts April 2020 LFS

The LFS is a nationwide quarterly survey of households that gathers data on the demographic and socioeconomic characteristics of the population. The survey seeks to provide a quantitative framework in the preparation of plans and formulation of policies affecting the labor market. It will also provide statistics on levels and trends of employment, unemployment, and underemployment in the country and regions.

PhilHealth guarantees continuing coverage for Covid-19 patients

The Philippine Health Insurance Corporation has assured the public it is committed to paying benefits due to all Covid-19 patients regardless of their admission date, upholding its earlier announcement that it pays at cost until April 14, and through its new case rate packages starting April 15 onwards.

Virac Contract Tracing Team’s first task could prove difficult

Informed sources say that after the result of the first test on the 63-year old female resident of San Isidro Village failed to arrive after more than a month, some RHU health personnel went to her house to get a second swab specimen, which was then sent to the Bicol Regional Diagnostic and Reference Laboratory (BRDRL).