Where is equity?

When I was studying in Grave V and VI, our teacher clearly explained to us the meaning of democracy. And she said that in a democracy. And she said that in a democracy, there is equity for all.

Now, where is that equity? Look at those people who are proud as senior citizens. They are proud and happy because they receive monthly pensions although they did not work in any establishment, be it government of private. And look at the retirees. They receive their pension because that is their money and they worked for it for a number of years. If there is equity for all, they should also be given the same amount given the senior citizens for their (the retirees) being senior. And that amount should be added to their monthly pensions. This is the cry of the retirees, but they do not “speak in the open” for fear of this and that. They just murmur and murmur among themselves, waiting for nothing but heartaches.

If there is equity at all, let there be equity among all men and women. So, this country of ours will be a truly democratic one, and not a country wherein only a few are recognized.

Let us request the good and intelligent leaders of our dear country to recognize everyone, especially the retirees, by giving them what is due them NOW.



(Calolbon) San Andres, Catanduanes

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