We are now at the age of technology wherein everything is at hand. There is plenty of this and that, and things are easy to achieve, but with them goes life that is short-lived.

Because pf technology, man was able to conquer the universe. Look, he launched spaceships and set foot on the moon, discovered the beauty of the other planets. Their testing and launching must have caused the destruction of the ozone layer which protects the earth from too much heat of the sun and the torrential rains. Now that the ozone layer is destroyed, we experience too much heat from the sun and heavy rains.

Some spaceships, however, fell back to earth. These, their residue in the building of the spaceships, their debris and the debris from outer space have piled up and rotten so microbes have developed. These were spread by man, the winds and other elements.

At the approach of fiestas, Yuletide season and the Holy Week, the transportation facilities are full of passengers. Most of them got excused from their “amo” for their “pangako” or devotion. It is noted, however, that instead of fulfilling their promise, most of them go to excursions, tourist spots and the like. Will the Lord be happy about this? Of course, not.

Now, what happened? We have this pandemic disease, COVID-19 which has trapped us into “the quagmire of wants.” People from a vacation, people going hime from a family affair like attending to the burial of a family members, and people who are about to go home for a deceased member, are trapped by the community quarantine. Students, employees, laborers and everybody are trapped.

Thanks to the government for giving us rations, the benevolent citizens for their donations, the volunteers for their services, the health officers and their helpers, the helpers who discharge the deceased, and the front liners. And how about the government funds spent for these?

But why did this start during the “Cuaresma?” Then it was extended up to the month of May, the month when there are so many merrymaking? Does this remind us about the time when the Lord suffered for us when He was still on earth? Or are these warnings about the time the Lord punished the people for their unbecoming activities? This was then Greece was in its glory, and Rome in their grandeur? GOD FORBID! Does this remind us about man’s conquest of outer space and other activities thereby destroying the beauty of nature as God’s creation, especially the ozone layer which protects us from too much heat from the sun and the torrential rains supposed to fall to earth.

For every problem there is a solution. We, the citizens from the grassroots, can help solve these problems. How? By following the rules and regulations set by the DOH and the government regarding this disease and by following God’s laws.

We should not overlook the work of the health officers, their helpers like those who attend to the discharging of the deceased from this pandemic disease, the guards and the front liners.

The researchers should continue their research regarding this worldwide disease. Attention should be given to improving the health of the people. For instance, simple experiments show that we are “living in a sea of dust.” Solving this is of great importance.

All these things are for all of us to ponder.



San Andres (Calolbon), Catanduanes

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