A School Head’s Prayer

Marivic T. Camacho/SP II


As I enter the portal of this school, I have so many fears.

I love being a teacher for six years, and suddenly it changed.

I’m so young and how can I manage a school? I am deeply terrified.

So, I pray, Lord, please help me love the school – its teachers, its innocent pupils, and the community. Hence, I would have pupils who are responsible, God-loving, environment protectors and knowledge seekers.


I envision pupils who are all readers, numerates and value-oriented.

These would give them the confidence to reach for their dreams.

Lord, make me an instrument in providing them the conducive environment they deserve – for them to learn effectively and a school that they can call “home.”

A school where they learn good manners and right conduct. A school where they find love, not cruelty. And most of all, a school where teachers are second parents who give guidance, love, respect, and have divine commitment to teach.


Consequently, make me a good mother of this school – who is caring, responsible, and sensitive to the needs of my teachers, parents and community.

Help me, oh Lord, to discard the negative feelings that may hinder the attainment of this Godly mission to the department and to my family as well.

Strengthen my confidence to deal with the inadequacies of the school and may the people I will be approaching for help will feel and empathize.

And be able to see the needs of the school.


Like the ancient people who built the rice terraces, leaders engineer the school.

Let me conquer the flaws of leadership – selfishness, arrogance, pride and hatred.

Make me a good leader who is understanding and capable of putting together ideas, suggestions and criticisms in one bowl and lead through them.

I am just a human being subject to imperfections.

May my perfections be my armour and not a hindrance that could hamper my leadership. These I ask through Christ our Lord, Amen.

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