On President Duterte

I am wondering why this president ( Duterte ) is lately going after giant business entities that in a way provides “the breath of life” to the nation’s economy.

I used to be a big fan of him in the past for his grit and bold moves that past presidents haven’t done. But his unfiltered mouth, bias, and uncalled for remarks on others who are not on the same page with him are big turn-offs and are way beyond character.

I cringed with goosebumps when with no contrition this guy trashes in a sacrilegious fashion someone’s belief he antagonizes, and strangely almost elevating to a higher being the head of the church he embraces.

Is this president cherry picking on those that don’t agree with him? This guy’s seemingly faux crusade in catching “big fishes “ (BTW corruption get worse by Index accounts), as manifested by him playing blind on those bunch of multi-millionaire “ honorable “ WHALES that are roaming along the halls of an esteemed place in Batasan Hills, Quezon City.

How about those well-heeled high ranking officials with “juicy“ positions in the government that raised eyebrows from observers because of an upped questionable wealth?

Bo Rodulfo

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