Abaca stripper hangs self

A 39-year old abaca stripper killed himself sometime before Saturday afternoon in San Miguel town a day after quarreling with his wife, the Catanduanes police reported.

According to the initial investigation, the man whom the local police identified only as a certain “Boy,” left his house in barangay Solong at 9 A.M. of Dec. 4, 2020 after exchanging harsh words with his wife.

It was at 2 P.M. of the following day, Dec. 5, that the wife found her husband dead and hanging by an abaca rope at their nipa hut or “tugod.”

The woman told the police that before the incident, her husband indicated that he would commit suicide as he repeatedly told her that he would end his life.

The man’s body was taken to the Bato Maternity and Children’s Hospital for a post-mortem examination.

A source at the local government unit told the Tribune that the man, who was identified as Sonny Rodriguez, was in a fit of jealousy after witnessing his wife having a chat on her cellphone with a man from Metro Manila.

Rodriguez reportedly told his wife not to look for him if he did not return from the abaca plantation.
When he was found, the source said, his hands and feet were swollen presumably from hitting the wooden post of the “tugod” in anger.

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