Alcala clan has 2 new doctors



The musically-inclined Alcala clan of Virac has added two new doctors among its younger set based on the results of the recent board examinations for physicians.

Mary Joan “Princess” Alcala Alegre and her elder brother John Emil “Poch” Alcala Alegre both passed the medicine licensure examination given by the Professional Regulations Commission (PRC) last Nov. 25, 2020.

A licensed pharmacist, Princess earned her Bachelor of Science in Medicine from the University of Sto. Tomas at the same time as brother Poch, who also graduated with a degree in BS Medical Technology from the same institution in 2015.

They are 3rd and 4th children of Naga City-based doctors – radiologist Emelito D. Alegre and anaesthesiologist Elba Alcala-Alegre – in a brood of five.

They now join their elder brother Jonathan who is also a registered nurse and physician of the Bicol Medical Center and first cousin Dr Ferdinand Alcala of Saint Lukes and Ospital Ng Makati
The family hail from the Alcala-Mendez clan of Virac, Catansduanes and the Alegre clan of Mendez, Cavite.

The Alcala clan of Virac descended from the late Fredeswindo Francisco Alcala Sr. and Soledad Mendez-Alcala of San Roque, Virac while the Alegres came from the late Emiliano Alegre and Maria Dimaranan-Alegre of Galicia, Mendez, Cavite.

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