Panic in the Time of COVID-19

Panic is part and parcel of all epidemics that have plagued man since the beginning of time. As the poet Lucretius writes in his On the Nature of Things [1]  on the Plague of Athens (430 BC): “And sudden stress and poverty to many an awful act impelled.”

On the Beauty and Essence of Life

Life as it is today is not beautiful. It is filled up with health issues, divisiveness, inconveniences, and sufferings from almost all aspects of our life. I hate to drive and pass all those checkpoints and I hate to stay in line for an hour, under the heat of the sun, and with a face mask on my face, just to buy my medicines and some basic needs (Marlboro, not included). Only those people who are living in a world of “make-believe” can say otherwise. Looking at our present situation from all sides, we can say that this is bad, and this is evil.

Masuerteng mga consejal

An hapot man sa mga barangay nin Virac, ngata daa ta bakong parareho. Iguang tolong kilo, an iba lima, an iba duwa iguang cabanga. Masabotan man daa cotana kung pariwanagon nin barangay kung duwang kilo hari sa sainda y an dagdag hari man sa municipio, alagad dae man pigapasabot an natawan na familia.

IATF solves half of the task force’s problem

Two agencies which have come under fire from majority of members of the PTF-EREID due to their actions with regards to the island’s battle to keep the COVID-19 pandemic off its shores are the Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) and the Department of Education (DepEd).

Catandunganons’ lives hang in the balance

Two incidents last week vividly illustrated why Acting Governor Shirley Abundo is growing increasingly frustrated at the way the battle to keep COVID-19 at bay is being fought in the municipalities.


ni Jex F. Lucero   Muli ay masusubok ang katatagan, husay, galing, tiyaga, tapang, hinahon at lahat-lahat bilang isang Pilipino. Marami nang naging malalaking laban tayong mga Pinoy at karamihan…

TO BE, OR NOT TO BE (salus animarum)

The present Virus Scare (COVID 19) did it good for most of us. There was the panic buying and people from all walks of life were affected far and wide. There is also the lockdown especially in effect in some key cities around the National Capital Region. Around the world, there is real scare and most people, if not all, are doing their thing to protect themselves from the damages that can even lead to death.

Mga pakinabang sa COVID-19

Dae nang bulang, kaya hanggang himas na sana nin maldos an mga adik sa sultada y derby. Magbakal sana daa tabi nin limang tablang paracetamol ta tibaad calenturahon kamo, he! he! he! Dae nang irinoman sa luwas, masque sociedad bawal, ta tibaad makakua ka nin coronavirus sa patagay-tagay. Mas mayad bang itago na ngona an Ginebra, lalo na kung maubos na an tagong alcohol. Ta an gabos na municipio madeclarar na nin curfew, kaipuhan nasa harong na an gabos bago pa mag-alas nueve. An mga mainom nin patago o mabisita sa Calle Mabole nin dis-oras, dapat alas cuatro gapoon na.

Ernesto Tabor’s credibility to be tested anew

In an impromptu press interview last week, shabu lab witness Ernesto “Entoy” Tabor Jr. had his credibility questioned by some members of the media, who were skeptical that he did not mention the alleged involvement of the congressman when he first executed his affidavit on the shabu lab operation.

The fight against COVID-19 becomes personal

Since January when the Wuhan coronavirus began to spread from China, the provincial government, particularly the Provincial Health Office (PHO) in coordination with the Department of Health (DOH), had been busy establishing a protocol to be followed once the virus arrives in the country. Among these protocols is what to do in case of travelers from areas where local transmission of COVID-19 has been confirmed.