Pandan’s NLE topnotcher dedicates triumph to all hardworking parents

Dennis Isorena Tuburo

Dennis Isorena Tuburo, who ranked fourth in the recent Nurse Licensure Examination given last November 2021, has dedicated his achievement to all hardworking parents.

“Your endless love and support is what kept us going,” the Pandan-born achiever said in a statement sent to the Tribune last week.

“To my parents – Danilo C. Tuburo and Estrella I. Tuburo, this one is for you! If it were not for you I won’t be where I am today,” he added.

Tuburo said he wishes to inspire not only the people of Catanduanes, but also the rest of the country, saying that the road to his success was never easy.

“I had to deal with different challenges as I continue to reach my goal,” he stressed. “However, I remained steadfast, focused and never gave up on my dreams.”

“As we go along our different journeys, we will be facing hardships and struggles but let’s use these as our stepping stones to be stronger, to strive more and to continue to persevere in order to realize our aspirations,” Dennis advised.

Emphasizing that every dream or goal is attainable if one always gives our 100% effort, he urged all to do it in the glory of God.

“He will always lead us to where we need to be, on His time not ours,” he shared. “Just trust Him and believe. He sees our pain, sacrifices and struggles and He will always bless us with what we deserve.”

Dennis’ father died last February 2021 from heart attack and kidney failure, with his grief forcing him to withdraw from social media for nine months.

He began posting on his Facebook page only on Dec. 16, encouraging future nurses to join a free review session offered by Genesis Review and Training Center which tapped him and another board topnotcher to share tips and tricks last Sunday, Dec. 19.

A valedictorian at Canlubi Elementary School, the young Tuburo graduated from high school as third honorable mention at Pandal School of Arts and Trades (PSAT) in 2004.

At the Catanduanes State University, he took up Bachelor of Science in Biology, earned a spot in the Dean’s List and graduated cum laude in 2008.

His research – Ecological Status and Diversity of Corals Along the Littoral Zone of Canlubi, Pandan, Catanduanes – was chosen as Best in Thesis during the PISOG Research Competition that same year.

In October 2017, he decided to take up Nursing at the Our Lady of Fatima University (OLFU) Valenzuela Campus, where he again made the Dean’s List on his first semester.

But the crediting of the minor subjects he took up during his CatSU years meant he would be an irregular student, so he did not qualify for any award during his graduation in July 2021.

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