PSA Catanduanes conducts 4th Quarter 2021 Fisheries Survey

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) – Catanduanes will conduct the Fourth Quarter Fisheries Survey this Nov. 22-26, 2021 involving fish landing centers, aqua farms and households.

The survey aims to provide the latest data on volume and value of fisheries production, aquaculture production and value by aquafarm type.

The four surveys to be conducted are Quarterly Commercial Fisheries Survey (QFCS) which will cover one (1) Landing Center, the Quarterly Municipal Fisheries Survey (QMFS) with thirteen (13) Landing Centers, Quarterly Inland Fisheries Survey (QIFS) with 162 sample households and Quarterly Aquaculture Survey (QAqS) with 27 sample aquafarms.

The statistics that will be generated through the conduct of these surveys will serve as input in the compilation of national accounts, researches and studies, estimation of performance of agriculture, policy making and program implementation.

Moreover, the PSA assures its respondents that all information collected from them shall be kept strictly confidential. Section 26 of Republic Act 10625 stipulates that individual data furnished by the respondent to statistical inquiries, surveys and censuses of the PSA shall be considered as privileged information and such shall be inadmissible as evidence in any proceeding. The PSA may release data gathered from surveys and censuses only in the form of summaries or statistical tables, in which no reference to an individual, corporation, association, partnership, institution or business enterprise shall appear.

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