Mechanic nabbed in buy-bust op while drinking in Virac nightspot

A CHANGE IN VENUE of the illegal drug transaction did not alter the outcome of the Virac police’s buy-bust operation last Aug. 19, 2021 with Alvin Tablizo arrested after selling a sachet of shabu to an undercover police officer inside the Ronjhie Bar in San Vicente. Eight more sachets of the illegal drugs were found in his possession. Arvin Anthony C. Tabuzo

A motorcycle mechanic enjoying a bucket of ice-cold beer at a Virac nightspot while selling illegal drugs had his relaxation cut short when he was arrested by the police in a buy-bust operation last week.

Alvin Cielo Tablizo, 29, also known as “Picolo” and a resident of Palnab del Norte, had earlier set a transaction with an undercover police officer at the vicinity of the Virac port that evening of Aug. 19, 2021 but changed his mind and decided to move it to a beer house in San Vicente.

As operatives of the Virac police station led by investigation officer Lt. Arnee Julius Dedase, under the supervision of police chief Maj. Antonio Perez, waited at some distance from the Ronjhie Bar, the poseur-buyer went inside the establishment sometime after 11 PM.

When he came out, he immediately lighted a cigarette as a pre-arranged signal to indicate that the transaction had been consummated.

The rest of the team rushed from their hiding places into the bar, surprising Tablizo, the guest relations officer beside him, and his two companions.

A search of his cargo shorts turned up the P500 buy-bust money from the poseur-buyer and, inside a box for a spark plug, eight more plastic sachets of suspected shabu, aside from the sachet that he had sold to the police officer.

Barangay officials and a member of the local media witnessed the inventory of the evidence right inside the bar.

Included in the Provincial Illegal Drug Watchlist, Tablizo had previously undergone intervention under the Community-Based Treatment and Rehabilitation Program (CBTRP) but apparently went back to his old ways.

Reports reached the police that he had become active in the illegal drug trade once again, prompting the renewed surveillance of his movements.

He was detained at the Virac MPS jail pending the filing of charges for illegal sale and possession of dangerous drugs in violation of Sections 5 and 11 of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002.

The Catanduanes police said in a statement that his arrest is proof of the importance of the cooperation between the citizenry and the police under the intensified Drug Clearing Program of the local government unit.

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