Sacerdos in Aeternum by Rev. Fr. Rommel M. Arcilla:

To Love is To Set Free

The synagogue official named Jairus approached Jesus with a request for Jesus to come to his house and cure his daughter, who was gravely sick and at the point of death. He believed that Jesus could cure his daughter, so he came to him for help.

Another story was that of a woman afflicted with hemorrhages for twelve years. She had spent all that she had trying to find a solution to her problem. She also believed that Jesus could cure her illness only if she was able to touch his cloak. She did what needed to be done.

Both these stories ended with a happy ending and they were cured. Their prayers were answered with a healing from God. However, they always had an option, like when the woman went to almost all the doctors, and spent all that she worked hard for, before she met Jesus. Jairus, just the same, can summon all the doctors and even the witches just to cure her daughter. He had the capacity to do this because he was a powerful man, a synagogue official.

God’s love for all of us is so immense and immeasurable that He gave us our unlimited freedom. As I have always written, we even have that freedom to reject Him and choose even those crazy options that can only lead us farther and farther away from His love. Some famous personalities sold their souls to the Devil in exchange of wealth, power and fame. It was their way of pleasing their worldly desires and ambitions and they made a gamble with the Devil. Well, it is still an expression of their misguided idea of freedom.

The world is in chaos as of the moment. There is the threat of the pandemic, the Covid-19, and many other repercussions of this mess in the world economy and even in our relationships. Most people isolate themselves because of fear to catch the disease. Some other ambitious and greedy individuals are making use of this situation to enrich themselves all the more. Well, I am aware of some illegal activities involving powerful people and some offices in our government who are continuously rubbing it in, even most of the people are already in pain of losing everything that they have worked hard for. We can name a lot more evils and crimes that are committed against the dignity of the human person that are happening at this very disgraceful moment in our history.

And so, what do we do? Do we have to sit and stare as days go by and pass us by with no nothing? Do we have to just watch this “sinking ship” go down into the deepest deep of hell? Or maybe we can wait for Jesus Christ to pass by and try our best to touch even just the tassel of His cloak? So, what do you think? Or, are you thinking at all?

God gave us our unlimited freedom, but that freedom can only mean loving Him with our whole being. Our freedom suggests today that we need to find God even if He seems to be so elusive and absent! Our loving God means finding Him and letting Him be in control not only of our lives, but in control of our present society. It means losing ourselves in Him and letting Him be the Lord and Master of our lives.

When God loved us, He set us free and I believe that He is hoping that, one day, we will come back to Him and ask for His grace and blessing… go back to Him to ask for His healing and love… ga back to Him and say to Him, help us… we have done our best and it is not enough. Only God’s love can remedy this situation that we are in. Maybe this is just a test for all of us. But, let me just remind you that we can surely pass any test only with God in our lives.

The old woman and the synagogue official approached Jesus and asked Him for help. Their prayers were granted because they exercised their freedom to love God and put their full trust in His healing grace. Are we, therefore, free to show Him that we are really free? Freedom is loving God so we can enjoy His peace and healing grace.

As the song (some good things never last) of Barry Manilow puts it: “they say if you love someone, then set them free! If they come back again, then in the end, it was meant to be!” God loves us all that is why we are free. I think it is now our time to come back to Him, because we are all meant to be children of God!

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