PBM Balmadrid tops SP colleagues in attendance, measures passed

Veteran legislators Giovanni Balmadrid and Rafael Zuniega both topped their colleagues in the Sangguniang Panlalawigan as far as attendance in regular and special sessions in 2019 was concerned but it was PBM Balmadrid who has the most number of measures passed.

According to the 2019 accomplishment report prepared by SP Secretary Atty. Gilbert Suarez and approved by Acting Vice Governor Lorenzo Templonuevo Jr., both Balmadrid and Zuniega registered perfect attendance in the 51 regular sessions and eight special sessions for the year.

PBM Balmadrid, however, authored a total of 128 resolutions, six appropriation ordinances, and five provincial ordinances.

PBM Arnel Turado had 75 resolutions and one provincial ordinance while PBM Natalio Popa Jr. was the main sponsor of 48 resolutions.

Here’s how the other SP members fared: PBM Edwin Tanael, 46 resolutions and 1 ordinance; PBM Santos Zafe, 41 resolutions and 3 ordinances; PBM Zuniega, 40 resolutions and 2 ordinances; PBM Robert Fernandez, 38 resolutions; PBM Templonuevo, 27 resolutions and 3 ordinances; PBM Alan del Valle, 14 resolutions and 2 ordinances; PBM CarloMagno Guerrero I, 14 resolutions; PBM Jose Romeo Francisco, 8 resolutions and 2 ordinances; PBM Juan Velchez Jr., 6 resolutions; PBM Vincent Villaluna, 4 resolutions; PBM Camille Qua, 1 resolution; and, PBM Joseph Al-Randie Wong, 0 resolutions.

In all, the SP approved a total of 490 resolutions and ordinances, including 19 provincial ordinances and 6 appropriation ordinances.

Among the vital ordinances enacted by the provincial board in the past year were: Provincial Ordinance No. 001-2019, providing for the mandatory annual inspection of all public and private buildings by municipal engineers or building officials (PBM Templonuevo); Provincial Ordinance No. 002-2019, defining and prohibiting elder abuse by direct descendants and providing penalties therefor (PBMs Templonuevo/Balmadrid);

Provincial Ordinance No. 003-2019, regulating the installation of signs and other advertising materials and providing penalties therefor (PBM Francisco); Provincial Ordinance No. 004-2019, regulating the installation of barricades in pedestrian lanes in front of various schools and providing penalties for violation (PBMs Francisco/Zuniega);

Provincial Ordinance No. 036-2019, authorizing the P150 million drawdown from Land Bank to fund the acquisition of new heavy equipment as part of the P380 million loan facility (PBM Turado); Provincial Ordinance No. 007-2019, adopting measures to sustain the production of quality abaca fiber, regulating practices inimical to the industry and providing penalties therefor (PBMs Templonuevo/Zuniega); Provincial Ordinance No. 009-2019, institutionalizing the Students’ Internship or On-the-Job-Training (OJT) Program in the provincial government;

Provincial Ordinance No. 206-2019, approving the Implementing Rules and Regulations of Provincial Ordinance No. 007-2016 on the requirement of prior consultation from Sanggunians regarding projects and programs implemented by LGUs and national agencies (PBM Zuniega); Provincial Ordinance No. 010-2019, granting incentives and benefits to Barangay Health Workers and Nutrition Scholars (PBM Zafe);

Provincial Ordinance No. 011-2019, creating an Internal Audit Services (IAS) in the provincial government (PBM Zafe), and, Provincial Ordinance No. 019-2019 suspending anew the 2020 implementation of Provincial Ordinance No. 004-2018 approved the new Schedule of Market Values of Real Properties (PBM Zuniega).

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