Fascinating Facts

The memory capacity of the human brain far exceeds the average life expectancy of an individual – there is enough room in there to store 300 years of television.


Many people think that goldfish have very short memories, when in fact they have a memory span from three to five months. Not only that, but goldfish can recognize faces over time and can even be trained to do simple tricks.


Occasionally, tired bees will fall asleep in flowers while collecting pollen.


Scientists have discovered that when a person lies, the temperature around their nose increases. This is known as the “Pinocchio Effect.”


Humans are born with only two innate fears: the fear of loud noises and the fear of falling. Every other fear, from spiders to water, is learned over time through life experience.


Even though dragonflies have six legs, they cannot walk.


300 million years ago, there existed a prehistoric dragonfly with wings that spanned over two feet. The Meganeura, as it is known, is the largest known flying insect to have ever existed on earth and was big enough to hunt frogs and eat them with its mandibles.


Buried 290 meters below a mountain near the Mexican town of Naica, Chihuahua, miners searching for ore deposits were shocked to find a cave filled with giant crystals that measured 12 meters long and over 1 meter wide.

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