The 2020 COA Annual Audit Reports:

Bato LGU commended on cash advances, development projects

The Commission on Audit has commended the Bato local government unit for the substantial implementation of its development projects and liquidation of cash advances in 2021.

In its annual audit report, the Commission said the timely execution of the LGU’s development projects under the 20% Development Fund indicated that the desired socio-economic development and environmental management projects were substantially attained during the year for the benefit of its constituents.

Records show that of the 28 projects for 2021 funded from current and continuing appropriations, the municipal government completed 24, for an accomplishment of 85.71%, with two projects still on-going and two more not implemented.

Among the projects by the administration of Mayor Juan Rodulfo were the Restoration of Historical Structure, Rehabilitation and Closure of Existing Disposal Facility, Installation of Lighting Facilities, Construction/Upgrading of Drainage System, Construction of Barangay Material Recovery Facilities, Rehabilitation/Improvement of Barangay Roads, and Installation of Solar Powered Lighting Facilities. Worth a total of P6 million.

On the other hand, the mayor and the municipal treasurer also earned the recognition of the COA for strictly complying with the provisions on cash advances for wages and field operation.

Verification by the audit team disclosed that all cash advances for said expenditures totaling P40.83 million were fully liquidated as of Dec. 31, 2021.

With the treasurer religiously monitoring and regularly liquidating the advances, the commendable practice ensured the proper accounting of funds and protection of government funds from loss and misappropriation, the COA stressed.

The audit, however, discovered that the municipality was not able to comply with the posting and reporting requirements of P10.2 million in financial requirements granted to it after the past typhoons while it failed to utilize P0.79 million in similar assistance due to lack of monitoring.

Disaster management officials also failed to implement 15 preparedness, mitigation and rehabilitation programs costing a total of P 2.05 million due to lack of resolve and monitoring, the team stated.

The LDRRM officer reasoned that the funds allotted to five rehab projects were not utilized as there were no disasters that year while some were cancelled due to the higher COVID-19 Alert Level.

Meanwhile, the COA noted that four municipal officials, including two members of the Sangguniang Bayan, were unable to liquidate P25,000 in cash advances during the year

Among the other significant findings were: the LGU’s failure to refund P846,970.16 in guarantee deposits representing the one percent retention money of suppliers despite the lapse of the warranty period; failure to collect an additional P1.21 million in Real Property and Special Education Fund taxes as the collection efficiency was relatively low at only 21% for CY 2021; and inability to comply with rules and regulations in the issuance and consumption of fuel that cost the town a total of P515,185.55.

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