Sacerdos in Aeternum | Rev. Fr. Rommel Molina Arcilla:

Pentecost: Gifted to Give

Last Sunday, in the Pentecost event, the Holy Spirit descended upon the disciples and transformed them in the most remarkable way imaginable. It was so spectacular that the apostles were no longer themselves and they were able to speak in foreign languages unknown to them. So magical that they were able to speak foreign languages eloquently. It was the gift of the Holy Spirit that made them do it, most especially, the gift of knowledge and wisdom.


Before the Pentecost event, the apostles were like an abandoned group of individuals who lost their zest for life, their future, their self-esteem, they lost their hope and courage, and they seemed to have lost everything. All these losses were felt by the disciples when they lost the Master, Jesus Christ, when he died on the cross.


They were so afraid that they hid themselves from the sight of many, especially the Jews. They believed that they, too, will be killed just like what the did to Jesus Christ. Well, they were just ordinary guys who will really feel afraid because the supposed Messiah, the Liberator, died and their enthusiasm and hope died with him on the cross.


Now, after the Pentecost, after Jesus breathed into them the Holy Spirit, they were changed to become men with a mission to propagate the mission of Christ. Their mission is to continue the saving work of Christ to all the whole world. They became the great pillars of the Church of Christ, his Mystical Body, and with this event, the Church was born. The Holy Spirit did not only transform the disciples into the Body of Christ but also infused into them the mind of Christ. They received a whole new understanding. They became a new creation in Christ.


They began to preach the good news of God’s saving love to all the ends of the earth. They shared their experiences with Christ and their shared their boosted faith in him. They were given the gifts of the Holy Spirit, and they shared those same gifts with the people they encountered along the way, and because of what they shared, we are happy now to be part of the Mystical Body of Christ, the Church. Thanks to the apostles’ giftedness to give!


Let us always bear in mind that it was into this mystical body of Jesus that we were baptized and confirmed. Through the Sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, we received the gifts of the Holy Spirit just as fully as did the disciples on Pentecost. Just like them, we received from the Holy Spirit the mission to continue the work Jesus began. It is therefore placed in each and every one of us to be heralds of the Good News and to generously spread God’s love to the whole world.


God has told His disciples to “love one another as I have loved you.” This was the greatest and the New Commandment to love. It is, indeed, a new commandment because it is no longer the love that we, humans, can give others but the measure of loving now becomes the love of God for us. That same love brought Him to His Cross and in that same love we are expected to be led to the foot of the Cross. As Christians, this is our calling, this is our mission, and this is the essence of our Christian life… to embrace the Cross so that we can properly carry out our mission to complete God’s kingdom on earth. Our giftedness to give is measured by the amount of love that we give to one another. Let us therefore enjoy the fruits of the Pentecost event by loving one another unconditionally and immeasurably.

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