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The Chronicle of Catsu Eco-Garden Part 3: Hope and Possibilities

Great achievements start from humble beginnings. As Lao Tzu wrote, “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

The ribbon cutting rites last May 9, 2022 of the Catsu Eco-Garden answered the old cliche I learned during elementary grade from Jack Torrance that “All work without play makes Jack a dull boy,”

This project is intended as an attraction for visitors, balikbayans and tourists coming to Catanduanes. Once completed, this may even be an answer as place for recreation and leisure for tired minds and eyes as envisioned by Pres. Patrick Alain Azanza.

Hope was expressed by Doc Aida Alcantara Dianela upon seeing a cemented structure minus a roof inside the area, that she said, ” this can be made into a Coffee shop for the retirees addressing her statement to me and Doc Mary Tugano, we both looked at her and nodded for our yes.


All the participants who attended the ribbon cutting ceremonies have different wishes and expectations to what Catsu Eco-Garden should look or must have. Like the big tree at the background where we held the program, someone added in our conversation, “I hope you can put a bench around the trunk”. We felt enriched by the suggestion.


Untold possibilities will come forth from this project. We may find here one day a library housing the biographical book of Macario Talan Arcilla, composer of Catanduanes Beloved, books for unsung heroes of the eleven towns of Catanduanes, the history of Catanduanes State University, etc.  How about books containing the biography of the Catsu’s presidents, our congressmen and governors? With more possibilities forming part of Catsu Eco-Garden, its popularity will reach places. Naturally, its prospective value will create interest among people, making it a must-see place in Catanduanes, a landmark to have somebody’s picture taken here to be shown to people in their own places.

Soon Catsu will be accepting foreign students to study here as what I heard from Pres. Doc Patrick Azanza.

Personally, I imagine foreign students coming to the Eco-Garden bringing with her/him new-found Catandunganon friends to teach them how to speak Bicol and Pilipino.

I remember when we conducted an ocular inspection of Fatima University in Valenzuela, inside the nice canteen of the University, we saw foreign students with Filipino friends having animated conversations while sneaking looks at their notebooks now and then. I approached them for few questions about the facilities and requested for some comments. We left them to proceed to other areas and offices of the University.

The power of the mind and doing are working at CatSU. Nothing is impossible to a leader who is decisive, determined and committed. Let this not add stress to him if someone says, “He is pushing himself to do new things and by doing so he is challenging himself.”

Let us thank God for giving us a leader like him.



Our special thanks to Yen Sarmiento, the Point Person/ Overseer on the preparation of the Catsu Eco-Garden going to the ribbon cutting ceremonies.

To Engr. Nuyda and your group and all the staff, from the bottom of our hearts, our sincerest thanks.

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