Crime down by 38% in 2021

WITH THE START OF THE ELECTION PERIOD last Jan. 9. 2022, the public should expect the Catanduanes police and its 11 stations to establish COMELEC checkpoints in strategic areas in all 11 towns as part of the preparations for the May 9, 2022 national and local elections. Campaigning and voting in Catanduanes are generally peaceful. Tribune photo

Crime incidents in the province of Catanduanes fell by 38.83 percent in 2021, the Provincial Police Office reported last week during the command conference presided over by newly-designated Provincial Director Col. Benjamin Balingbing Jr.

For the period January to December 2021, a total of 720 crimes were recorded by the Catanduanes police, a decrease of 457 incidents compared to the 1,177 tallied in 2020.

The previous year’s figure, however, included a 263-incident spike in April 2020 during the height of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) when numerous protocol violators were arrested.

The 720 total is broken down into 561 crimes committed against peace and order and 159 involving offenses against public safety.

Index crimes in 2021 also decreased by 13 incidents or 11.3% compared to 2020, while non-index crimes plunged by 47.42% from 873 in 2020 to just 459 last year.

Of the 102 index crimes last year, all showed decreased, except for murder which rose to 10 compared to eight in 2020 and carnapping of motorcycles, which ballooned to eight in 2021 compared to just three a year earlier.

Here’s the rest of the numbers for the other index crimes (with 2020 figures in parentheses): rape, 30 (39); theft, 31 (34); robbery, 11 (11); physical injury, 9 (16); homicide, 1 (4); special complex crime, 2 (0); and, carnapping of motor vehicles, 0 (0).

The 459 non-index crimes are broken down as follows: frustrated and attempted stages of focus crimes, 17 (15); other non-index crimes, 64 (349); and, violation of special laws, 378 (509).

Vehicular accidents also decreased by 15.87%, from 189 in 2020 to 159 last year but the deaths due to such incidents increased by 50%.

The report said that Reckless Imprudence Resulting to Homicide rose to 12, compared to just eight a year earlier.

In contrast, such incidents resulting to physical injury fell to 75 from 99 while damage to property also declined from 82 to 72.

Crime Clearance Efficiency (CCE) was at 95.97% compared to 99.07% in 2020 while Crime Solution Efficiency (CSE) likewise decreased from 87.68% in 2020 to just 73.61% last year.

Crime Clearance Efficiency (CCE) is the percentage of cleared cases out of the total number of crime incidents during the year.

A case is considered cleared when at least one of the offenders has been identified, there is sufficient evidence to charge him, and he has been charged before the prosecutor’s office or any court.

On the other hand, Crime Solution Efficiency (CSE) is the percentage of solved cases out of the total number of crime incidents of the year.

A case is considered solved when some elements beyond police control prevent the arrest of the offender, such as when the victim refuses to prosecute after the offender is identified or the offender dies or absconds.

In a separate report, the Catanduanes police said eight drug pushers voluntarily surrendered under Oplan Tokhang while 24 individuals involved in illegal drugs were arrested in 2021.

One remained at large as a result of the 17 search warrant operations and seven buy-bust missions conducted by the police, which filed a total of 40 cases in court.

The same operations led to the confiscation of 23.593 grams of marijuana and 732.7834 grams of shabu, with a total value of over P4.8 million.

In the campaign against illegal gambling, 232 persons were apprehended and P63,569.25 in bet money confiscated in 72 operations last year.

Seventy-four (74) loose firearms were either surrendered, seized in court-ordered searches, or confiscated by the police, with 24 persons arrested for violation of gun laws.

Also confiscated were three rifle grenades, seven hand grenades and 141 pieces of different ammunitions.

In the campaign to neutralize wanted persons, the Catanduanes police arrested 11 Provincial Most Wanted Persons, 26 municipal WPs, and 414 other wanted individuals.

It likewise conducted 27 operations against illegal fishing, leading to the apprehension of 79 fishermen, with three still at large.

In 37 operations launched to safeguard the province’s remaining forest stands, the police nabbed 76 persons and recovered over 22,000 board feet of illegally-cut lumber, three chainsaws, 100 pieces of bamboo poles, 13 sacks of wooden charcoals and 106 wooden poles.

Col. Benjamin Balingbing Jr.


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