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Contact sports now allowed under Alert Level 2

The IATF’s de-escalation of the COVID-19 Alert Level for Catanduanes to 2 this Dec. 1-15,, 2021 is good news for all, especially businesses.

While cockpits are still not allowed, the lower alert level allows many establishments and activities to be undertaken at 50% indoor venue capacity for fully vaccinated individuals and those below 18 years old, even if unvaccinated, and 70% outdoor capacity, provided that all workers of the establishments are fully vaccinated and the Minimum Public Health Standards are strictly maintained.

Now permitted are venues for meetings, social events such as weddings and parties, tourist attractions, internet cafes and billiards halls, cinemas, limited face-to-face classes, in-person religious gatherings, dine-in services, barbershops and beauty salons including home service, fitness gyms, contact sports approved by the LGU, peryas, karaoke bars, and gathering in residences with individuals not belonging to the same household.


A check of a typhoon website operated by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA)  shows the former LPA and now Tropical Storm 27 was located at 12.3 degrees North and 141.6 degrees East as of 8 PM Nov. 29, 2021, or approximately 1,700 kilometers east of Catanduanes.

By Tuesday morning, the dire prognostication on social media that it would turn into a typhoon that would directly hit the capital town next Tuesday appears to be unfounded.

TS 27 is expected to move northwest and further intensify into a typhoon with peak winds of 200 kph.

However, the forecast shows it would not even enter the Philippine Area of Responsibility (PAR).

Still, Catandunganons should pray that the storm  would stay away amd allow the island to fully recover from super typhoon Rolly.


Last week’s series of power interruptions that affected most of the island beginning Nov. 22 was not the sole fault of FICELCO and, judging by the cries heard audibly around, Cong. Hector Sanchez.

The first salvo of brownouts was caused by the lack of power supplied by SUWECO, as it could only deliver 8 megawatts out of its contracted output of 23 mW as eight of its diesel gensets were under repair.

Of its two existing hydro power plants, only one is operating with 600 kilowatts while the other has remained unrepaired for a year.

NPC’s Balongbong plant was also out due to 15-day desilting at its forebay while one genset was also out.

The second string of outages was blamed on a defective cutout at the tieline from the Balongbong hydro, which had to be replaced.

The last was caused by a defect at NPC’s 10MVA substation at Kililkilihan, San Miguel.

This forced the state-owned power company to isolate the 69-kV line between Kilikilihan and Asgad.

As the power being distributed by FICELCO flows through the NPC lines, the cooperative had to reroute the electricity to its main lines. Linemen had to work for hours just to make sure the supply of electricity could be restored.


TIMMY AND THE BISHOP. Timmy’s father was a rector in a small English church, and when the bishop came to visit, Timmy was very excited. The bishop arrived late in the evening, well past Timmy’s bedtime, but the next morning the boy asked his father if he would be allowed to meet the important guest.

His father thought about this and decided to let Timmy take the bishop his tea and wake him up.

He said to the boy: “First, knock on the door of the bishop’s room and then say to him, ‘It’s the boy, my Lord, it’s time to get up.”

Timmy rehearsed his lines, repeating them over and over again. Finally the tea was ready and he picked up the tray and headed for the bishop’s room.

A few minutes later, the bishop, still in his pyjamas, was seen running out the door and down the lane.

The father turned to his son and said: “What happened?”

“I’m sorry,” said Timmy. ‘I was so nervous I messed up my lines. I knocked on the door and said: ‘It’s the Lord, my boy, your time is up!’”

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