Everything, not You Lord Jesus Christ

Outside the church after Holy Mass, my alter-ego said, “Dear amigo, are you willing to lose everything but not Lord Jesus Christ?
Inviting him home for my second morning cup of coffee, I listened as he speaks boldly expressing his belief and wisdom earned for 74 years wandering the four corners of Philippines archipelago.
Looking at my eyes, my alter ego said, “Will peace and meaning of your life in following Lord Jesus Christ’s teachings more preferable than all the decorations of life; eligibilities, certificate of recognitions and wealth? Can you say all these trappings of life is because of your labor?”
“Tell you, brother, as my dear wife will say,look heavenward first, these are all gifts from God. Are you willing to lose all these to be with Jesus Christ our Lord in heaven?”
Answer me not, “sure a hundred percent,” cause even myself, I don’t know how to answer it. “What if we gain the whole world but in the process we lost our soul?”
Are you not afraid of losing your soul and going to hell?
“I fear the kind of punishment in the world of damnation that is waiting for me,” as it says in the Bible you hear weeping and gnashing of teeth, so much pain, Arman. “
In the book of Dante Aleghieri, ‘Divine Comedy’, the last region of Hell is intended for the worst of the worst, the four sections of the frozen abyss.
The fourth level are for traitors to their benefacfors like Judas Iscariot. For to Dante Alegheiri, “There is no greater pain than to be betrayed by the one you love.” Here in the book of Dante, punishment is made to fit the nature of wrongdoing committed by the offender.
I felt discomfort, listening to my close friend at the same time picturing in my imagination the fiery furnace waiting for me and also of Dante’s punishment in the frozen abyss. If I remain deaf and unfeeling to the needs of children, in particular near my home; children of three different homes, orphaned by three fathers because of accidents: one run over by truck, the second was driving drunk his motorcycle and the son riding with him escaped death unscathed, and the third father, by drowning or maybe suicide because the father was not up to or incapable of supporting the family. By attending to some needs of these children, I have a gut-feeling that I am with God. I hope after doing what’s good for our humanity, we have a reserved place waiting in God’s paradise.
Alter ego expresses, “If you cannot sleep nor behave like dumb from the cries of babies near your home and instead do something for them, I say you’re saved from the raging fire of the inferno.”
When babies are crying because of empty stomachs, you bring them biscuits, slice bread, even native delicacies bought early morning from young children going around the barangay selling food and other delicacies to earn small amount to help their parents, you’re sure near the door of God’s paradise. For, what we do to children, we do to HIM.
Can our compassionate heart extend help to beggars and seniors who are sleeping on road pavements for most of them were left, abandoned or forced out of their home by heartless children? Charity sometimes can’t be found at home, so why is the government not doing something for these people, as government is supposed to be for the people and by the people? Some cities and towns have homes for these marginalized people. To be bestowed mercy by God, our act of giving must be free from personal motive. Charity is better done in godly way, not the politician’s way of seeking attention and popularity. As the Bible says, what the right hand does, let the left hand know nothing of it, and blessings to you will come in quantum leaps.
Standing and putting on his Federer cap, my close friend smiles then left without accepting my offer for a third serving of coffee on that beautiful Sunday morning, after he talked about “God’s Love.”
He didn’t hear me saying thanks.

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