Cong. Sanchez hits back

During last week’s meeting between FICELCO and SUWECO that was called by Cong. Hector Sanchez in his bid to find solutions to recent brownouts, the latter responded to the claim of a former congressman that the submarine power cable project remains unfunded under the General Appropriations Act.
Sanchez said the former solon probably was looking at the DPWH budget too much.
“General Appropriations is for the regular budget. Nasanay si dating Congressman sa DPWH, syempre pag DPWH sa General Appropriations yan. Pero hindi ito under DPWH, under DOE siya and special budget,” he stated.
As it is an ongoing process, the incumbent congressman disclosed with the conceptual design completed and the procurement for engineering design underway, Transco is now resolving that the right-of-way issues, as the proposed transmission line in Camarines Sur passes through 35 kilometers of land to the tapping point before crossing over the Maqueda channel, he bared.
“Hintayin na lang natin at iyan ay darating,” Sanchez disclosed.
He likewise reacted to the former congressman’s claim that the submarine power cable’s 50-mW capacity may not be realistic as the power demand in Catanduanes is very low at 13mW.
“Si cong ay abogado yan, walang idea sa technical,” Sanchez pointed out, saying that the monthly energy consumption in the island would rise in the near future particularly with PEZA’s approval of the CatSU KIST Park and Agro-Industrial and Economic Processing Zone.
“Baka kulangin pa nga ang 100 megawatts,” the electrical engineer-turned-politician said, adding that based on his experience working in special economic zones, one or two locators alone can consume 20 to 30 megawatts monthly.
“Nine years yan nakaupo, nakalimutan niya ang pangangailangan ng Catanduanes,” Sanchez pointedly said in reference to his predecessor, citing the DOE’s comment that the submarine power cable should have been installed 10 years ago.
With just 11 days to go before the first anniversary of super typhoon Rolly’s rampage through southern Catanduanes, CNN just published a report highlighting Climate Central study showing that roughly 50 major coastal cities will need to implement “unprecedented” adaptation measures to prevent rising seas from swallowing their most populated areas.
The analysis, in collaboration with researchers at Princeton University and the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research in Germany, stated that in less-optimistic scenarios, where Global Green House Gases emissions continue to climb beyond 2050, the planet could reach 3 degrees as early as the 2060s or 2070s, and the oceans will continue to rise for decades beyond that before they reach peak levels.
This projection is ever direr than the recent World Meteorological Office (WMO) report projecting sea level change in Legazpi City, Albay, as well as in the rest of Bicol, at plus 0.30 meter in 2050, plus 0.49 meter in 2070, and plus 0.88 meter in 2100.
Taken together with weather scientists’ prediction that super typhoons like Rolly will become the norm, the higher sea levels would worsen the effects of storm surges.
Local authorities should begin addressing the issue of human settlements on areas prone to storm surges. For example, the shore side of the boulevard expansion project in Virac, particularly at the Gogon area near the cemetery, are now dotted with houses of informal settlers who would have to be evacuated when a typhoon eventually heads for the town.

DRIVING VIOLATION. A man and his wife were traveling down the highway when they saw the lights of a patrol car behind them.
When they pulled over, the patrol man came up to the window and said,
“I am going to give you two tickets. One because you were speeding and one because you didn’t have your seat belt fastened.”
The man said, “I did too have my seat belt fastened. I just loosened it when you came up to the car.”
The Patrol Man said to the man’s wife, “I know he didn’t have his seatbelt fastened. Isn’t that right, lady?”
She replied,
“Well, officer. I learned a long time ago not to argue with my husband when he’s drunk.”

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