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Alleged scammer no longer a CatSU employee

According to a ranking official of the Catanduanes State University’s Panganiban Campus, alleged cryptocurrency trading scam mastermind Darius Panti is no longer connected with the defunct radio station there.

It is said that Darius Panti’s employment was terminated several months before the coronavirus pandemic paralyzed the country in March 2020.

The loss of the job probably forced the former radio broadcast technician and his wife into resorting to the pyramiding scheme that has victimized hundreds of ordinary Payonhons and many more in nearby towns.

It is claimed that the couple, who left the island on board a new-bought van a week after investors began hounding them for refunds, is now in a province near Metro Manila.

Since they left their two young children with relatives, scam victims would not be wrong to surmise that the couple remains in contact with their children and whoever keeps them. After all, it would be unbearable for a parent, especially a mother, not to see his or her children even once a day through social media apps.

The NBI is now gathering evidence from victims in preparation for the filing of a case against the alleged scammers.


Most probably, Sen. Manny Pacquiao’s defeat at the hands of Yordenis Ugas not only wrote finis to his desire to end his career on a high note but also doomed his bid for the Philippine presidency, perhaps much to the delight of Pres. Rodrigo Duterte.

As everybody loves a winner, having the boxer even as a running mate would probably be a risk to a potential presidential contender.

The highest post he could probably win next year is the vice presidency, if a strong candidate for Duterte’s seat picks him up, with the least a slide to the Senate for another term.


By next week, the major political groupings in Catanduanes will have chosen already their candidates from congressman down to municipal councilors.

Whether Governor Joseph Cua decides to run for reelection, vie for the Virac mayorship or stay away from politics for the meantime will be known this September.

There is his desire to finish his third and final term but looming large in the horizon is the possibility that an influential hand could push for the governor’s second suspension in connection with the recent case filed against him at the Ombudsman.

The graduating San Andres mayor, Bos Te Cua, is just waiting in the wings as a possibly popular bet for governor or vice governor, depending on the circumstances.

A more difficult decision would be what to do with the incumbent congressman, Hector Sanchez, who is reportedly ranking low in surveys.

The “Tamang Timpla” that worked in the 2019 campaign might not have the same palatable ingredients this time…


A memorandum circular issued recently by DILG Secretary Eduardo Año provided guidelines for the institutionalization of birth registration at the local level to ensure that all information submitted to the Local Civil Registrar’s Office for birth registration are genuine and validated, prior to the issuance of the birth certificate.

This responsibility has been largely laid on the shoulders of the Punong Barangay who, together with the Barangay Secretary, has been mandated to maintain, update and keep records of inhabitants in the barangay.

Every six months a report has to be made to the LCR on the actual number and sex-disaggregated data of barangay residents as well as unregistered births.

This is another trying job for these barangay officials.


PRAYING TO THE DEAF. Two young boys were staying the night at their grandparents’ house.

At bedtime they knelt beside their beds to say their prayers. The younger brother said in a really loud voice: “I pray for a new bike, a portable TV and a Nintendo!”

The other brother said: “Why are you shouting your prayers? God isn’t deaf.”

“No, but grandma is.”

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