Death toll from COVID-19 reaches 17

Complications from the coronavirus disease among those infected have killed at least 17 Catandunganons on the island as of Monday, June 14, 2021, with two more suspect deaths being confirmed.

From just 12 fatalities as of May 31, five more were added to the list in the first two weeks of the month, including a retired dentist and a bank employee, who was eight months pregnant and had to undergo emergency Caesarian section just to save her baby.

Local health authorities are awaiting the test results of two more hospital patients who died while under confinement, with swabs taken postmortem.

The first 13 days of June brought 60 new COVID-19 cases, just one less than the 59 cases recorded for the first 14 days of May, Tribune research showed.

In all, the total number of those infected rose to 514, with 17 deaths, while 416 have recovered from the disease.

Virac accounts for the highest number at 204, followed by San Andres with 69, Bato with 44, Baras with 38, Caramoran with 34, Panganiban with 30, Viga with 24, Bagamanoc with 20, San Miguel with 17, Pandan with 12, and Gigmoto with just six cases. The municipal count does not include those who tested positive but are outside the province.

The capital town also has the most number of deaths so far at 10, followed by Baras with three, San Andres with two and Pandan with two.

Twenty-two (22) cases were recorded on June 5, including a 59-year old female government employee from Virac who was admitted to a hospital and died on June 3.

Among the rest were five government employees, four private employees, one self-employed, four health care workers, a frontliner, three students and a government retiree.

June 7 brought in 20 more new cases, including seven government employees, two private workers and two one-year old infants. Four of the civil servants are working outside the province.

The one case recorded on June 9 and three cases on June 10 are also working for government offices outside the province.

Seven new cases were announced on June 11, including two government employees and a health care worker, and another seven on June 13.

Based on the details in the COVID-19 tracker of the Provincial Health Office for the 53 cases recorded from June 5 to June 11, 25 or almost half are considered close contacts of confirmed positive cases while the authorities have yet to determine the history of exposure for 28 cases or nearly 53% of the total.

Most of the 53 new cases from June 5-12 had symptoms and were isolated while six had to be admitted to the hospital. Seven are asymptomatic while no details have been provided for the health condition of those quarantined in the Bicol mainland.

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