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Time as Motivation

Time is the most abused word in my friend’s dictionary. During weekdays, he performs “time in and out” in the office, weekends at basketball court, he does “time out” to give rest to players. We are happy for him because he uses time 24/7.


How I valued and described time are expressed in the following paragraphs:


Time is both a friend and an enemy. Make good use of time, it’s a friend. Let time pass you by, not leaving value nor wealth, it’s bad luck or misfortune.


We have different ways of looking at and associating the meaning of time. We make demands and requests from time to go slow, when we are catching up with deadlines or reviewing before a board exam. To one who is sick of the Big C, time moves slowly, waiting for the chance to be a ‘survivor’. The person sitting on a dialysis chair for four to five hours prays and wishes, he sleeps and when he wakes up, his time is over. Before you sleep at the operating table from anesthesia, you surrender yourself to God to beg forgiveness and request to be woken up later. While being wheeled to the operating room, you send an application for extension of time on Earth to Lord Jesus Christ through prayer. WHY? Kneel and beg only now, because there’s no one else for you to turn to? Because your money, power, friends and worldly titles can be of no help at this time, in the borderline of life and death.


My alter ego dated the dialysis chair for five years and the operating table three times. Ole, yesterday I saw him dining with his wife and taking notes of people passing by.


Use time properly and it will turn to ‘gold or pension’ in your senior years. Partly securing your life at old age with less regrets on how you did manage time and opportunities. People will admire and respect you, for ‘honey attracts ants’. At your deathbed many faces with tears will be saying sweet nothings of kindness done them using your time. Not like a lonely room, where only parents and siblings are present, for they care howsoever you use your time.


How can we outsmart time? By using it the best possible way. Plan and schedule your activities before the tick tock of the pendulum the next day. Be one step ahead and become the master of your time.


God is so wonderful that He created nighttime for us to enjoy, rest and sleep. Daytime for work, excursions, mountain climbing, and you, dear readers of Catanduanes Tribune, may supply your day’s activities.


Time is infinite. It will not die, I mean stop, when you die. It will continue, for it’s God’s gift to all of us. A gift to be used and treasured with all our hearts.


There’s should be no lull or time wasted even with pandemic. We can slow down a bit in the use of time but never to dillydally or stop as it is childish to use Covid-19 as an excuse. On the days that you’re inactive, time becomes useless. Like Buyo river when it passes by my fishing rod, it will not return to say hello the second time.


Time does not kowtow to anyone.


So then use your precious time on earth, with Covid-19 or whatever situation you maybe in life now. Motivate children, read books to them, write love letters to your girlfriend or dearest one, wash dishes and take a breather. Ask your friendly priest, why has this pandemic happened?  Remember, we cannot recycle or reuse the past time, the best time to use it is NOW. For our time on earth is never fixed but ‘on call basis’, and I don’t want you to have regrets. Usefully, spend your precious time every day.


What if God let this pandemic happen for a just cause? To give time to redeem ourselves from things and persons we have taken for granted. Our family, our health, our finances and the wife that we need to forego clubbing to patch up the relationship. Most of all, rekindle the attention to that one reason why you’re here on Earth: your parents. They are missing your call, allowances and vitamins. Maybe they don’t even need your money, so only call and visit



While on walking exercise this morning, March 14, 2021, my dear wife opined: “This pandemic is producing additional beggars on the street.”


Which brings back to me a lesson from Humanities 1, taught by Prof. Dante Argañosa: “When you put a penny on a beggar’s hand, you help him degrade his honor.”


I responded to dear wife, “Give using your heart, love and mind, humanitarian spirit and character that does not expect any returns. God loves a cheerful giver.”


Many times we give when we have extra money, for it won’t hurt us. Mother Teresa, though, asked us to “give even when it hurts”.



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