Two men found dead in Virac

FATAL ACCIDENT? The body of an Igang resident lies about five meters down a ravine just beside his motorcycle which apparently went off the provincial road at Antipolo del Sur, Virac last week. Children walking along the road found the body the next day. Virac MPS photo

Two men were found lifeless in separate barangays in the capital town of Virac, the police reported last week.

In Antipolo del Sur, children walking along the provincial road winding up a mountain towards Casoocan noticed a foul smell coming from the road side at about 4:30 P.M. of Feb. 26, 2021.

When they investigated, they saw an apparently dead person lying face down at the ravine about five meters below, just beside a motorcycle. They immediately reported the grisly find to the barangay authorities.

According to his family, the victim, who was identified as Marlo Tabor Jr., 25, left his home in Igang at 10 P.M. of Feb. 25 on board his motorcycle to borrow money from his sister in nearby Casoocan.

It is surmised that while negotiating the winding road up from Antipolo del Sur, he accidentally fell into the stony ravine.

His body was subjected to postmortem examination to determine his injuries and cause of death.

The second body found belonged to a mechanic allegedly suffering from depression who hanged himself last week inside his room in Valencia, Virac last week.

The police said the victim, which it identified only as “Louie,” 25, a native of Mayngaway, San Andres, was believed to have killed himself after his live-in partner left him.

Relatives of the man, who was named in press reports as Eduardo Capistrano, took him to his native town for the wake and funeral.

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