Deaths decrease by 4.7 percent; Drowning is leading external cause

Deaths in the province of Catanduanes recorded in 2020 reached 1,645, a decrease of 4.7 percent from the 1,727 deaths in 2019, with drowning as the leading external cause.

The 2020 figure is equivalent to a crude death rate of 6.0, or six (6) deaths per thousand population and corresponds to an average of five deaths per day in 2020.

Among the 11 municipalities, Virac accounted for the highest number of deaths at 29.4 percent, followed by San Andres with 15.5 percent and Caramoran with 10.3 percent. The municipality of Gigmoto had the lowest actual deaths recorded in 2020, with only 48, just one less than Panganiban’s 49.

More male deaths than female deaths recorded

Overall, 55.9 percent of the deaths that occurred in 2020 in Catanduanes were male. More deaths were also observed for the older age groups. More than 47.4 percent of the total were aged at least 70 years, which is also the only age group in which female deaths were greater than male deaths. Moreover, it may be noted that the number of deaths of those below 10 years old, with a total of 74, is greater than the older age groups 10-19 (39 deaths), 20-29 (58 deaths), and 30-39 years (64 deaths).

Virac has highest number of fetal and infant deaths

Forty-four (44) fetal deaths were recorded in 2020, of which 77.3 percent or 34 were from Virac, with 9.1 percent were from Pandan (4), 6.8 percent were from Gigmoto (3), 4.5 percent were from Viga (2), and 2.3 percent were from Caramoran (1). This number of fetal deaths translates to a fetal death ratio of 10.7 and fetal death rate of 10.6.

Moreover, 43 infant deaths occurred in the same year, which translates to an infant mortality rate of 10.5. All municipalities in the province had recorded infant deaths but Virac had the highest number with 12 deaths or 27.9 percent of the total. This is followed by Caramoran with seven infant deaths or 16.3 percent, and San Andres with six or 14 percent of the total. Baras and Panganiban had the least number, each with one recorded infant death.

There were also six (6) maternal deaths recorded, which translates to a maternal mortality ratio of 97.2. This means that 97 women die as a result of complications from pregnancy or spontaneous or induced abortions per one hundred thousand live births in 2020. Three (3) of the maternal deaths were from Virac, one each from Caramoran, Panganiban, and Viga.

Deaths due to drowning incidents highest

Around 95 deaths due to external causes were recorded in the province during the year.

Drowning incidents had the highest number, with 30 deaths or 31.6 percent of the total.

This is followed by deaths due to vehicular accidents, with 22 deaths or 23.2 percent, and due to hanging, with 13 deaths or 13.7 percent of the total.

Other external causes reported were the following: stab/hack wound (9 deaths); alcohol intoxication (7 deaths); electrocution (4 deaths); fall (3 deaths); gunshot (1 death); clubbing incident (1 death); crushing incident (1 death); and snake bite (1 death). The cause of the remaining three external deaths were not specified but resulted to traumatic brain injuries.

Out of the total deaths due to external causes for each age group, 83.3 percent of the individuals below ten years old, 52.4 percent of the age group 40-49 years, and 38.5 percent of the age group 30-39 years were due to drowning incidents.

Vehicular accidents were the most common cause of death of individuals 20 to 29 years old, consisting 40 percent of its total.

Most of the external cause of death for individuals 10-19 years old, and 50 years old and above were due to other incidents. Three deaths for age group 10-19 years and a total of four deaths for age groups 50 years old and above were due to hanging incidents.

Among the 11 municipalities, deaths due to external causes were highest in Virac, with 19 deaths.

Five of these deaths were due to drowning incidents and another five were due to incidents that caused stab/hack wounds.

Caramoran, with 13 deaths, had the second highest number. Three of these deaths were due to vehicular accidents and three were due to hanging. Baras had the least, with one death due to drowning and one due to a vehicular accident.

Deaths due to drowning incidents were highest in Gigmoto, with eight deaths recorded. San Andres had the highest number of deaths caused by vehicular accidents, with six deaths. Caramoran and Pandan had the highest numbers of deaths due to hanging, with three deaths each.

Two deaths due to COVID-19

In 2020, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) was declared by the World Health Organization as a pandemic. Based on the documents registered in PSA, two deaths were reported to be due to COVID-19 and both were residents of Virac.

Moreover, six deaths were of individuals classified as probable COVID-19 cases, and 12 deaths were of individuals classified as suspect COVID-19 cases.

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