Caramoran man, 92, escapes jail time in 12-year old case

A 92-year old man from Caramoran who escaped prosecution for attempted rape committed 12 years ago was granted probation by the Regional Trial Court after pleading guilty to a lesser offense following his arrest last week.

According to a report from the Camp Camacho police headquarters, elements of Caramoran police station led by PEMS Raymond G. Vidal arrested its Number 9 Municipal Most Wanted Person, Serapio Senando Alferes, in barangay Milaviga at 8:25 A.M. of Jan. 14, 2020.

A widow, Alferes had been the subject of a warrant of arrest issued by RTC Branch 43 Presiding Judge Lelu P. Contreras, for the crime of attempted rape, docketed under Criminal Case No. 3750 with recommended bail of P120,000.

A reliable source claimed that he left town shortly after committing the offense against a younger family member sometime in 2007 and relocated somewhere in Metro Manila until he came back a few years ago.

Although the victim’s family had known of his return, they did not report his presence to the police or the court as the family allegedly chose to leave the suspect alone as he is already in his advanced years and in a frail condition.

Brought on a wheelchair before Judge Contreras at the Hall of Justice in Virac in the morning after his arrest, Alferes reportedly admitted his guilt to the lesser offense of acts of lasciviousness. He was allowed to go home after the Court, noting his physical condition, waived the bail usually required of probation grantees.

The victim’s family also did not insist on the civil liability of the elderly and frail accused.

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