DPWH mulls maintenance of footbridges along highways

MANILA — The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) is now in the process of studying proposals for the possible inclusion of footbridges in its Annual Maintenance Program (AMWP).

In his report to DPWH Secretary Mark A. Villar, DPWH Bureau of Maintenance Director Ernesto G. Gregorio Jr. said that starting January 2020, all DPWH Regional and District Engineering Offices were required to submit an inventory of all footbridges along national roads, including structures’ details and condition, and cost of repair.

“While the construction, repair and retrofitting of national roads and bridges is in our yearly program, we are receiving reports that the preservation of aging footbridges is being left out,” said Director Gregorio.

“All structures built within the roads must be maintained to ensure safety of our motorists and pedestrians in cases of earthquakes and other calamities. Clearly there is a gap that needs to be addressed hence we are now looking into whether we can help the local government units (LGUs) and include the funding for the maintenance of degrading footbridges along national roads,” explained Director Gregorio.

Currently, DPWH handles the design and construction of new footbridges along national roads, which are then turned over to the LGUs for maintenance.(DPWH)

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