2021 COA Annual Audit Reports:

San Andres LGU commended for completing DRRM, dev’t projects

San Andres local officials were commended by the Commission on Audit for ensuring the implementation and completion of its programs, projects and activities under the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRRM) Fund and the 20% Development Fund in 2021.

In its Annual Audit Report for the year, the audit team lauded the Local DRRM officer and other concerned agency officials for continuing to be resolute in project implementation and in regularly monitoring and evaluating the implementation of the projects in compliance with the provisions of Republic Act 102121 to ensure that preparedness, mitigation and rehabilitation projects are implemented to avoid, lessen or limit the potential adverse impact of disasters.

It noted that most of the P2.2 million Quick Response Fund and P5.3 million Mitigation Fund were spent, with the remaining balance of P1.35 million transferred to the Trust Fund at the end of the year as required by law.

The team also commended the local chief executive and his officials for the timely execution and completion of the municipal government’s development projects under the 20% DF, which meant that the desired socio-economic development and environmental management projects were substantially attained for the benefit of its constituents.

Of the total P30.5 million appropriated for 14 development projects, only three (3) were not implemented, with six completed and five on-going at the time of the audit.

On the other hand, the COA stated that while the municipality was compliant with the guidelines in the grant of COVID-19 Active Hazard Duty Pay (AHDP) to frontline Human Resources for Health (HRH) whose services are essential in the fight against COVID-19, the AHDP was processed, approved and disbursed even without proper documentation.

It found that the Daily Time Records of the frontline HRH, accomplishment reports in case of job-order HRHs and certification or authority to report to work, were not attached to the disbursement

There was incomplete data in the submitted list of personnel entitled to AHDP, as the employment status of the HRH personnel was not specified along with the patient attended to directly by the frontline HRH indicating the COVID-19 Bicol code.

This was not in consonance with COA Circular No. 2012-01, thus, validity and regularity of the transaction is doubtful, the report said.

The RHU personnel assured it would retrieve the copy of the DTRs and certifications submitted to the DOH Regional Office V and complete the data as to the employment status.

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