BIR Virac surpasses July collection target by 146%

The Bureau of Internal Revenue’s district office in Virac earned the commendation of Commissioner Lilia Catris Guillermo recently for being among the 24 revenue district offices that surpassed their collection target by at least 20% in July 2022.

RDO No. 69, headed by officer-in-charge Maria Cristina B. Yuson, actually has a goal attainment of 146.95%, good for 5th nationwide out of the 132 district offices.

The Virac district officer was the only one from Bicol that was in the list of the 24 RDOs surpassed their July 2022 targets by at least 20%.

Among the 22 Revenue Regions, only three managed the same feat: Iloilo City (130.01%), City of Manila (126.43%) and Zamboanga City (120.75%).

“The excess over collection goal in July 2022, which is the basis for the commendation, does not include the office’s collections from one-time or non-recurring transactions, if any, such as sale of properties and shares of stocks, and collections from Donor’s Tax, Estate Tax (including Amnesty) and Documentary Stamp Tax,” said Commissioner Guillermo.

In the first month of reporting of the new Commissioner, tax collections of the BIR already registered almost 15% increase for the month of July 2022.

Its total gross collection for the month is P197.498 billion, representing 98& attainment of its goal and 14.92% or P25.646 billion higher than last year’s collection for the same period.

“I commend our Revenue Regions and Revenue District Offices that exceeded their July 2022 collection target by at least 20%, which is the first thing I requested from all field offices when we had our first virtual meeting last July 5. I thank them all for heeding my request and for the extra efforts they have exerted to exceed their collection target by 20% or more,” said Commissioner Guillermo.

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