The greedy mouse

Once upon a time, a mouse saw a basket full of corn in a basement. He was in bliss, considering his mealtime was already taken care of. He also viewed it as an opportunity to carve a better life for himself.

So after eating corn, he created small holes at the bottom of the basket for the corn to fall down. When the corn fell, he caught them in a container — and made sure he had enough supply to last him a lifetime.

He didn’t stop at this point, though. He decided to eat more corn, too. He ate so much of it until he fell asleep.

A few hours later, he heard cats enter the basement. There were many of them, and one can sense him easily.

So he decided to flee. And while he tried his best to escape, he found himself almost paralyzed. Because he ate too much corn, he can barely run — let alone move.

The result? The cats ate his lifetime supply of corn, and they ate him, too.

Moral lesson: When opportunity knocks on your door, answer and appreciate it. Don’t be greedy and take advantage of it.

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