Dr. Marcus Hale | Catanduanes Doctors Hospital, Inc. (CDHI):

Listening To Your Body

Let us ask ourselves a question. Is our body our best friend or worst enemy? If you have ever been really sick, it would probably seem like your worst enemy. With some notable exceptions like allergic reactions, our bodies are programmed to be our best friends.


You may have noticed dogs are natural fasters. When they’re sick, they find a quiet place to rest and, in some cases, hide and not eat.


Where does this wisdom come from? Creatures of the world, unburdened by civilization and its mores, are more likely to stay in touch with their “natural instincts”. They cannot reason like us but do not really have to, at least when it comes to eating and drinking.


It seems we have gone a long way past the point as a species, when our instincts can be trusted. Our ears are used to having music and additional sound pumped into them all day. We even turn apps on now, to sleep to. Our senses are so constantly bombarded with information, even a degree or three of natural intelligence is getting slashed by internal thought noise.


There are so many things competing for our attention. We are convinced that forgetfulness is the first sign of dementia or even Alzheimers’. Most forgetfulness merely arises from the fact that our minds/ brains are so busy and so full of business itself, that it’s natural to experience some sort of overload.


As we age, we are absorbing more and more information. It’s no wonder that the hard drives of our brains getting too full or even too distracted.


The overload expressing itself in forgetfulness, can strike people of any age and in any state of health.


When this happens it’s time to slow down and take stock of our surroundings. Physically we cannot be in more than one place at the one time. Mentally we are required to be in many. Take time to chill out. Slow down. Have a little nip of something. Relax in the garden of your house or even your mind. Meditate on peace and breathing easily and slowly.

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