Islander in the City by Pablo A. Tariman:


A sea of umbrella in the Leni-Kiko rally in Antipolo City.

This morning is pretty cold

The humid air driven away

By the rain which poured all night.


How to describe this moment:

You heat water for coffee

As you bring out soggy clothes

To let them dry

In the now bright morning sun.


How come this morning

Has a special rhythm

As you prepare for daily chores.


You are almost driven to sway

To the smooth melody

That feels like Palestrina.


It feels like a moment of grace

As you clear the garden

Of dry leaves

And rotten stalks

Made soggy

By the rain.


This is my kind of morning

As you prepare

For music in the islands.


You interrupt your weekend

As you dash off an eulogy for people

Who perished

During the long, almost endless



There is no sign of rain

On this midweek

Of your existence.


You live, you love, you set aside grief

Thinking of this mass of people

Under the sea of umbrella

Drenched by the rain

Fired by hope against hope

Waiting for a new kind

Of morning

That might spell



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