Virac senior citizens thanks donor for donating tricycle, equipment

The Virac Federation of Senior Citizens Associations (VFSCA) and the Office of the Senior Citizens Affairs (OSCA) have expressed their deep gratitude for individuals and establishments for donating a tricycle and other equipment for use of the elderly.

Last week, VFSCA President Renato Arcilla and OSCA Chairman Jose Maliñana said they are grateful to Governor Joseph Cua, San Andres Mayor Peter Cua, Virac Mayor Sinforoso Sarmiento Jr., Vice Mayor Arlynn Arcilla, Atty. Fred Gianan Jr., former Councilor Virgilio Candelaria and former PBM Joseph Mendoza, as well as Catanduanes Emerald Hardware and Virac Lucky Hotel for their generosity and support for the welfare of 7,351 senior citizens in the capital town.

The donations from the donors, they said, made possible the acquisition of a tricycle to be used as a service vehicle for the correspondence dissemination, relief distribution, validation of prospective social pensioners, social pension pay-outs and other activities especially in remote barangays.

The VFSCA and the OSCA also managed to procure a sound system that would be utilized during the quarterly pay-outs in nine districts, the quarterly meetings of the federation officers, semestral meetings of the 63 presidents of Barangay Senior Citizens Association (BASCA), the Annual Elderly Celebration of all Virac senior citizens during the first week of October, emergency meetings called by the provincial federation, and year-end meetings and other celebrations.

Several appliances and equipment were also bought for use in the training of all 63 BASCA presidents by district to be held at the OSCA and the retraining they would conduct for their constituents at the barangay level.

“Their support is an encouraging reminder for us and strengthened our will to be of service to senior citizens of the capital town,” Arcilla and Maliñana underscored.

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