Abaca stripper nabbed for unlicensed firearm

An abaca stripper from Gigmoto is in big trouble following his arrest last Dec. 20, 2021 for pulling out a hot gun during an argument with a farmer.

The report from the Gigmoto police station stated that the suspect, Erick Ladefi, 42, a resident of barangay San Vicente, was quarreling with farmer Carlos Marin, 62, in Sioron when in the heat of the spat, the suspect pulled out a gun from his waist and used it to threaten the latter.

The farmer immediately left and sought help from the police station, with enforcers led by PSMS George Grebialde arrested Ladefi after he was positively identified by the victim and witnesses.

Confiscated from the suspect was a Cal. 38 revolver with no ammunition and no serial number.

Gigmoto police chief Lt. Heraclio Vargas emphasized that although the gun did not have bullets when it was seized, the suspect will nonetheless face charges for possession of an unlicensed firearm in violation of Republic Act 10591, or the Comprehensive Firearm and Ammunition Regulation Act, and light threats.

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