Islander in the City by Pablo A. Tariman:


Aftermath of Typhoon Odette in Bohol. (Photo: Bohol Island News)

Save that gift

And reserve

For the hungry

and the homeless

In the South.


Save the sound

Of Christmas carols

And toll the bells

For fishermen

Who lost their boats

And sources of livelihood

From the angry seas.


Save the merrymaking

And transform it into prayer

For countrymen who lost

Homes and lives

From swollen rivers.


Save that gift

And reserve for the cold

And the hungry

In the house of hope.


There is joy

In helping out.

There is solace

In just sharing.


After all

Christmas is really about

Hope and compassion

And reaching out

To unfortunate countrymen.


Save that gift

And help compatriots

Build new homes.


This is not the best of times

This is not the best of our lives

And the worst may not be over.


We have been through this before.

Let’s help each other

Survive the difficult times.


Let us all unite to bring about

A meaningful Christmas

As we welcome

The good prospects

Of the New Year.

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