Who Can Be Saved?

The disciples asked Jesus this question after His encounter with the rich young man. We can recall in that story that the rich young man approached Jesus asking Him what must be done to gain eternal life? He lived his entire life obeying the tenets of the law and, if obedience to the law is the only ticket to man’s salvation, he could be accommodated to the front seat. It is implied in the story, however, that Jesus enumerated only the second part of the law which pertains to the love of neighbor. This second part are all about NOT doing bad things to other people.

The invitation of Jesus to the rich young man is all about loving God. Of course, loving Him simply means loving Him and nothing else above Him. So, the rich young man went away sad when Jesus told him to sell all his belongings and give the money to the poor. Jesus went on to say that it is easier for a Camel to enter the needle’s eye, than for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. In order to possess eternal life, we must not only avoid evil, but we must love God above all by following His will. A hard thing to do, indeed, so the disciples asked Him: “Who can be saved?”

The kind of salvation that God is offering us is not only a salvation from eternal damnation. It is our salvation from poverty, salvation from sicknesses and bodily pains, salvation from sin and malpractices, a kind of salvation that is wholistic and real.

The conditions for us to be saved were already given when God handed on to Moses the Decalogue (Ten Commandments) on Mt. Sinai. However, it must not only an avoidance of doing what is not allowed by the law, but rather it must be the doing of things that are already implied by the law. I mean, not the killing of another, but the giving a life to others must be emphasized. It is not about adulterous conduct, but on how to help people strengthen their relationship within the family. So, in short, we must have an active reaction to the given law and not just the passive abstinence from the prohibited ones.

God’s salvation is our freedom from everything that can make our lives experience all these problems and hardships, freedom from misery and anguish, freedom from all evils. But this salvation must be accepted and it cannot just be imposed and work like magic for all of us. We must accept it personally, consciously, freely and with a willing heart. Therefore, our miserable situation is a concrete evidence and proof that we have not accepted yet this salvation coming from God.

We are faced once more with a crucial decision that we have to make for our country, for ourselves and for our children. The national election is just around the corner and our future leaders have just filed their candidacy for their chosen post. Of course, we have in them worthy servants of the people who have proven themselves by virtue of their good examples and charitable activities. But there are also some little devils who have nothing good to show but all the craziness that a man can ever have. Imagine a leader with no proper education and had his head banged a thousand times in the ring, a leader who had a negative family background which is centered on corruption, a leader who may one day lose his head because he had started to lose his hair… there are a lot more evil-prone people who filed for a post so please choose the best, and the best is no one else but a God-fearing candidate, who is ready to uphold the dignity and value of human life.

We are in these trying times in our history. The whole world is suffering from sickness, hunger, poverty and inequality. People are hopeless and they are wallowing in despair and fear. They are not yet saved and they are already suffering the pains of hell in this world. So, who can be saved? We are all like the rich young man, not because we are materially rich, but because we still do not have the ability to sacrifice for the greater good of our life and of the whole humanity. The rich young man followed the commands about the love of neighbors. Still, something was missing and Jesus challenged him to obey the law and that law is grounded in loving God above all.

Salvation can only come to us if we learn how to love with our life and our whole self. Salvation is love and love is doing the will of God. Doing the will of God is following Christ every day of our lives. If we can proudly say that I am doing what Christ did, if I am thinking like Christ, if I am wearing the heart of Christ in my daily decisions… then, I am not far from His kingdom.

Who can be saved? We can all be saved and the conditions for our salvation are loudly and clearly in front of us long time ago. Now, Lord Jesus, save us once and for all by guiding us and our forsaken land. Do not let evil rule our country again and save us from the hands of these people who are still alive but are burning in hell already.

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