PSA Catanduanes to conduct 2021 listing of marine fish landing centers

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) embarks on another important statistical undertaking as part of its continuous efforts towards the improvement of its fishery surveys and statistics, thru the conduct the 2021 Listing of Marine Fish Landing Centers.
It is a nationwide activity that aims to develop a statistical sampling frame that contains an updated list of fish landing centers.
Moreover, it aims to come up with a reliable and timely sampling frame for commercial and municipal fisheries surveys based on the type of Landing Center, Average Daily Unloading (ADU), Peak Unloading Time and Peak and Lean Unloading Months.
The statistics generated through the conduct of this survey serves as input to the compilation of national accounts, estimation of performances of agriculture, policy making and program implementation and researches and studies.
Ten (10) sample municipalities with one hundred eleven (111) municipal landing centers and one (1) commercial landing center are to be verified and geotagged by the Team Supervisor from 23 August to 2 September 2021. Once verified operational, landing centers will be enumerated by the enumerator requiring five (5) key informants to be interviewed, from 1 September to 30 September 2021.
The authority and mandate of the PSA to conduct the survey emanates from R.A. 10625. Like any other surveys undertaken by the PSA, the data to be gathered in the said survey are for statistical purposes only and will be published in summary forms. Information obtained from the respondents are held STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL and are not used for investigation, taxation and law enforcement purposes and are not be divulged to any person except authorized PSA personnel acting in the performance of their duties.

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