Ten ways to murder creativity, leadership, growth and development, innovation and motivation

Always pretend to know more than everybody around you.

Get employees to fill in time sheets.

Run daily checks on progress of everyone’s work.

Ensure that highly qualified people do mundane work for long periods.

Put barriers up between departments.

Don’t speak personally to employees, except when announcing increased targets, shortened deadlines and tightened cost restraints.

Ask for a 200-page document to justify every new idea.

Call lots of meetings.

Place the biggest emphasis on the budget.

Buy lots of computers.


Funny newspaper headlines


Couple slain; police suspect homicide


Kids make nutritious snacks


County to pay $250,000 to advertise lack of funds


Utah Poison Center reminds everyone not to take poison


Federal agents raid gun shop, find weapons


Crack found in man’s buttocks


President wins budget; more lies ahead


Local high school dropouts cut in half


Typhoon rips through cemetery – hundreds dead

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