Virac fishermen find grenade at riverbank

Investigators of the Virac police station are still looking into the identity of the owner of the hand grenade that two fishermen found at the bank of the river in Palnab del Norte last week.

Police chief Maj. Antonio Perez has issued an appeal to the public to contact the station if they know anything about the high explosive.

According to the report, barangay chairman Lino Lumbao informed the police’s Tactical Operations Center (TOC) of the discovery of the grenade by Jose Abundancia, 27, and Francisco Abundancia, 54, at about 11 A.M. of July 21, 2021.

Upon receipt of the info from the TOC, the nearest mobile car immediately sped to the barangay to secure the area and prevent people from coming near in case the explosive went off.

Elements of the Provincial Explosive and Canine Unit (PECU) safely recovered the MK2 fragmentation grenade from where it was resting half-submerged in the water at the base of a “nipa” palm tree.

The grenade will remain at the unit pending the preparation of documents for its proper disposition this week.

The Virac police station has reminded the public to immediately contact the nearest police officer or the station if they find a similar explosive.

It advised that the explosive should be left undisturbed as it is sensitive to pressure and might explode if not handled carefully and only by authorized personnel from the police’s explosive unit.

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