Marriages decreased by 66 percent in 2020

The Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) Catanduanes Provincial Statistics Authority reported last week that marriages in 2020 declined by over two-thirds compared weddings a year earlier.

Citing the preliminary marriage statistics for the province for 2020, the PSA said that in 2020, a total of 304 marriages occurred in the province, which is 66 percent less than the 894 marriages reported in 2019.

Of the total number, 41.1 percent were registered in Virac (125 weddings), and 19.4 percent in San Andres (59). The number of marriages were lowest in the municipality of Bagamanoc with just three, comprising only one percent of the total. (Figure 1 and Table 1)

Majority of brides and grooms marry between 25-29 years old

More than 44.4 percent of the marriages that occurred in 2020 involved brides and grooms aged 25 to 29 years.Also, comparing within age groups, it can be observed that more females married at a younger age than males, as the number of brides were greater than the number of grooms for 29 years old and below. Meanwhile, the number of grooms were greater for 30 years old and above.(Figure 2 and Table 1)

However, when comparing across age groups, 57.2 percent of the total grooms and 71.4 percent of the total brides in the province were 29 years old and below. Consistently, majority of the brides from all the municipalities were 29 years old and below, with the highest proportion in Pandan with 82.4 percent and the lowest proportion in Gigmoto with 50 percent of their respective total marriages. Majority of the grooms were also aged 29 years and below in all municipalities except for the following, where most grooms were 30 years old and above: Bagamanoc (66.7 percent);Gigmoto (50 percent); and San Miguel (64.3 percent).

Among the 11 municipalities, Bato had the highest proportion of younger grooms with 70.6 percent while Bagamanoc had the least with 33.3 percent. (Table 1)

The youngest groom was 19 years old while the oldest was 79 years old. On one hand, the youngest bride was 18 years old and the oldest was 63 years old.

Three out of five marriages contracted through civil ceremony

Of the 304 total marriages in 2020, 176 or 57.9 percent were contracted through civil ceremonies, 114 or 37.5 percent were officiated in church, and 14, or 4.6 percent, were performed in other religious rites. (Figure 3)

In addition, only the municipalities of Bagamanoc (66.7 percent), Caramoran (65.2 percent), and Pandan (58.8 percent) had most marriages officiated in church. The other eight municipalities had majority of their total marriages contracted through civil ceremony.

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