Bato police raids Christmas tupada

Three persons were arrested in Bato town last week after the police raided an illegal cockfighting activity in barangay Binanuahan on Christmas Day.

Police authorities said a team led by PSSg John Paul Vega and under the supervision of officer-in-charge PLt. Fidel Romero Jr. caught the trio while engaging in “tupada” at about 5 P.M. of Dec. 25, 2020.

Confiscated from the suspects were a live fighting cock, cockfighting gaff and cash amounting to P1,029.00.

They were brought to the police station for custodial investigation.

A ranking official of the municipality identified the arrested suspects as: Efren Vargas, 56, Jobert Tarnate, 26, and Nelmar Lopez, 29, all residents of Binanuahan. They will be charged for violation of Presidential Decree 449.

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