Const’n worker hurt in hacking

A construction worker in Virac is now recuperating at the provincial hospital after he was hacked on the forehead by his cousin following an altercation during a drinking spree.

The police said Brian Vicente, 21, a resident of Calatagan, was hacked by Joseph Ian Torrente, 20, also a construction worker and resident of the same barangay, at 5:30 P.M. of April 5, 2020 at their barracks in San Roque.

It is claimed that before the incident, the two men were drinking intoxicating liquor when they suddenly had a disagreement. Torrente went home, got a bolo and went back to their quarters at barangay San Roque where he swung the bladed weapon at Vicente, who was then taking a rest.

Witnesses immediately sought assistance from the police, who actually came upon the two men wrestling for possession of the bolo inside the barracks. Vicente was brought to the hospital where he is reportedly in a stable condition while the police prepares a criminal charge for frustrated homicide against the suspect.

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