Police await enhancement of CCTV footage in Besa murder

The Catanduanes police hopes that an enhancement of the CCTV footage of the shooting of Samuel “Tamenz” Besa Jr. would yield usable clues in the search for the riding-in-tandem suspects.

Last week, the Virac police gathered the footage taken by the CCTV system installed at the Besa residence in barangay Salvacion and prepared the same for turnover to the Regional Anti-Cybercrime Office 5 for enhancement.

It also reported to Provincial Director Col. Paul Abay that the slug of unknown caliber recovered from the victim’s body as well as the seven fired cartridges recovered at the crime scene by SOCO personnel are now under custody of the Provincial Crime Laboratory Office for ballistic examination and identification.

Other than admitting that the Tamenz shooting is related to a similar incident that took the life of his brother, Dax, on Dec. 16, 2019, the Virac police said it has yet to determine the probable motive of the suspects and that Tamenz was a drug personality and listed as a high-value target.

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