Mistaken identity causes vehicular accident in Viga

A bolo-wielding farmer in Viga caused an accident last week when he chased a passing motorcycle driver in the mistaken belief that he was a thief, with the latter colliding with an oncoming motorcycle.

In the initial report of the Viga police station, Del Pilar chief tanod Jesus Concepcion, 57, was driving his motorcycle at around 10:40 PM of Oct. 31, 2022 when he was suddenly pursued by someone waving a bolo.

Rattled by the sight and trying to evade the armed man, he immediately accelerated the motorcycle but unfortunately swerved into the left lane and crashed into a motorcycle coming from the opposite direction.

Concepcion and the other driver, 30-year-old abaca stripper Danly Omadto of P. Vera, sustained bodily injuries and were brought to the Viga district hospital while their vehicles were damaged by the head-on collision.

Responding law enforcers arrested the suspect, farmer Santiago Valderrama III, 38, in his residence at barangay San Vicente 10 minutes later.

The suspect peacefully went with the authorities and told the police that he mistook the passing Concepcion for someone who stole from his chicken farm.

The report did not state if the police filed charges against the erring farmer.

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