Sacerdos in Aeternum | Rev. Fr. Rommel Molina Arcilla:

Humility is a Gift

Jesus found a tough time teaching the Pharisees about being humble. Well, how can we really expect the Pharisees to have this virtue in them. The virtue of humility is the least we can expect from a Pharisee because they are the ones who always wanted to be on the first lines and in the best seats and the ones who always longed to be praised everywhere and by everybody.


I believe that, even at this present moment, humility is still one of the hardest things to teach and learn to live out. In this world filled with people who are trying to destroy one another just to be on top, humility is not an issue to be considered. It is hard to be humble nowadays and even harder to accept our miserable situation with a smile on our faces. The practice of humility is turning to be outdated. Humility is for the weaker people, because we must be strong and learn how to fight if we want to survive in this world.


But if we will try to reflect on the beauty of this virtue, we have a lot to learn and appreciate about being humble. Humility is hard to live out because humility is a gift given to us by God. Our human nature will always tell us to go and be on the top of our worldly ambitions. However, deep within, God is always telling us to learn how to appreciate the ones we have and be thankful for his daily blessings.


I know that we have our own ambitions and dreams that we want to realize later. Most of us may have achieved their dreams already and some will even go to the point of dreaming bigger dreams, not knowing that this can lead them away from their Christian values and principles. A lot of us had been enslaved by materialism and there are people who can even destroy other people just to get to their worldly and materialistic ambitions. This is how the love for money can turn into… we can be monsters to others because of this kind of slavery.


We all know the evil effects of materialism in our life, and we know that the things of this world are dangerous to our relationship with God. So, I am not suggesting that we must have a change of heart. I am not telling you to get rid of your dreams and ambitions even if those dreams and ambitions are clearly materialistic and worldly. I only ask you to think and reflect on the beauty of humility if we will learn how to be humble to everyone and in every situation. If we can reflect about it, about the possible goodness and other positive things that humility can bring to us, we can also pray to God to make us humble. It is a gift, and we can only try our best to be able to cooperate when we receive the gift

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