Canada-based Catholic priest is Cong. Rodriguez’s chief of staff

A Roman Catholic priest based in Canada is now the chief of staff of Congressman Eulogio Rodriguez’s congressional district office in Catanduanes.

In a July 4, 2022 letter to government offices, provincial and municipal officials, Rev. Fr. Leonardo B. Tamayo Jr., affixing his signature over his name and the title “Chief of Staff,” informed that the congressman will hold his provincial congressional office at his residence at Batalay, Bato.

According to reliable sources, Fr. Tamayo returned to the island province sometime before the campaign for the May 9, 2022 national and local elections on a year-long sabbatical leave from the Archdiocese of Regina in Saskatchewan where he serves as a pastor.

He allegedly worked with the Rodriguez campaign and following his landslide victory, sought from the archdiocese an extension of his leave.

Sources at the Diocese of Virac said it does not have administrative hold over Fr. Tamayo as he is “incardinated” with the Archdiocese of Regina.

Incardination is the formal term in the Catholic Church for a clergyman being under a bishop or other ecclesiastical superior, which ensures that no member of the clergy is “freelance” or without a clear superior to whom the cleric is accountable and who in turn is responsible for the cleric.

As he is incardinated with the Canadian archdiocese, he is not allowed to perform priestly rites within the Philippines unless the local ordinary, the Bishop of Virac, allows him.

The Tribune sought the comment of the Archdiocese of Regina on the present status of Fr. Tamayo concerning his recent appointment to a government position but has yet to receive a reply as of presstime.

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